The association/College has held 33 conferences with A.P.I. since its inception in 1959. Since the 28th Annual Conference in Delhi, 1989, the College has organised its annual conferences independently (NACCON). These conferences have proved to be highly successful and have been chaired by Presidents of NCCP(I). From 1999, the NCCP(I) with ICS is having Joint Conferences – NAPCON.


 1960  Dr.A.C. Ukil  1988  Dr. J.S. Guleria
 1961  Dr. K.L. Wig  1989  Dr. M.M. Singh
 1962  Dr. S. S. Ugraonkar  1990  Dr. S.K. Jain
 1963  No Conference  1991  Dr. S. C. Kapoor
 1964  Dr. S. K. Sen  1992  Dr. P. S. Shankar
 1965  Dr. P.K. Ghosh  1993  Dr. R. K. Narang
 1966  Dr. K.K. Datey  1994  Dr. K. C. Mohanty
 1967  Dr. N. Gopinath  1995  Dr. S. K. Jain
 1968  Dr. R. Subramanian  1996  Dr. S. R. Mathur
 1969  Dr. P. K. Sen  1997  Dr. Baldev Raj
 1970  Dr. K. N. Sen  1998  Dr. R. P. Bhagi
 1971  Dr. K. N. Rao  1999  Dr. M.S. Agnihotri
 1972  Dr. Basu Chaudhary  2000 (Jan.)  Dr. V. K. Sharma
 1973  Dr. S. D. Store  2000 (Nov.)  Dr.A. S. Sachan
 1974  Dr. Hans Kumar  2001  Dr. V. K. Arora
 1975  Dr. P. U. Rao  2002  Dr. D. D. S. Kulpati
 1976  Dr. O. P. Mittal  2003  Dr. S. K. Katiyar
 1977  Dr. M. M. Singh  2004  Dr. V. K. Jain
 1978  Dr. J. S. Guleria  2005  Dr. N. K. Jain
 1979  Dr. J. S. Guleria  2006  Dr. Rajender Prasad
 1980  Dr. Chairman, lACD  2007  Dr. J. N. Banavaliker
 1981  Dr. E.E. Udwadia  2008  Dr. K. B. Gupta
 1982  Dr.A. S. Paintal  2009  Dr. P. K. Gupta
 1983  Dr. Hari Har Das  2010  Dr. D. Behera
 1984  Dr. Samir K. Gupta  2011  Dr. G. C. Khilnani
 1985  Dr. S. C. Kapoor  2012  Dr. G. C. Khilnani
 1986  Dr. S. P. Pamra  2013  Dr. J. C. Suri
 1987  Dr. S.K.Jain


The conference of NCCP(I) was held from 1989 to 1999.


After several positive negotiations and meeting spread over almost 5 years, the NCCP (I) and Indian Chest Society
(ICS), the two national bodies on Pulmonary Medicine agreed to have the annual conference jointly. This is called National Conference on Pulmonary Diseases, in short NAPCON. The Organising Secretary and the venue of the NAPCON will be decided on alternate years by these organizations. The first NAPCON was held in Delhi in 1999. The guidelines for organising NAPCON have been discussed & are being finalized to help the organizers and also to have uniformity in the organization of NAPCON.

S.No.  YEAR  PLACE  Organising Secretary
 1  1999  Delhi  Dr. J. C. Suri
 2  2000  Kanpur  Dr. S. K. Katiyar
 3  2001  Mumbai  Dr. Rohini Chowgul
 4  2002  Jaipur  Dr. N. K. Jain
 5  2003  Coimbatore  Dr. T. Mohan Kumar
 6  2004  Ahmedabad  Dr. R. N. Solanki
 7  2005  Kolkota  Dr. A. K. Ghosh
 8  2006  Nagpur  Dr. B. O. Tayade
 9  2007  Chandigarh  Dr. S. K. Jindal
 10  2008  Lucknow  Dr. Rajendra Prasad
 11  2009  Calicut  Dr. C. Ravindran
 12  2010  Jodhpur  Dr. P. D. Motiani
 13  2011  Delhi  Dr. V.K.Vijayan / Dr.Rajkumar
 14  2012  Bhubaneswar  Dr. Narayan Mishra
 15  2013  Chennai  Dr. V. Thansekharan
 16  2014  Agra  Dr. Rakesh Bhargava / Dr. Santosh Kumar


Chapters of NCCP(I) are holding their zonal level conferences in their zone/state every year.ical sciences pertaining to Chest.


1. The college is publishing the Journal – Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences jointly with V.P. Chest Institute, Delhi. The Journal is abstracted in Indicus Medicus and have 4 issues in a year.

2. The college is publishing Directory of the college every 5 years. (3rd edition published in 2006.

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